Keep Your Feet On The Ground

This world can't afford another suicide
So darling spend your affection on me
And I might dry my eyes

How I feel when I come home at the end of the day and my kids are cry-whining.


How I feel when I come home at the end of the day and my kids are cry-whining.

Daddy I hate lemurs. I super hate lemurs and I don’t want to eat them.

My son 3 years old.

Apparently he doesn’t like lemurs. Just for the record I am not perpetuating any lemur stereotypes or discriminations over here. This is a lemur friendly house.

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I know of people who have
vowed to themselves to
never treat their kids the way
they were treated.
I know of some who swear they will
never neglect their sons
or daughters
the way
they were neglected.
I keep seeing all of these
to hold broken-hearted teenage girls in their arms,
and likewise, the sons,
and promises to lovingly accept gay sons, or boys who are not
actually boys, just born that way,
and likewise, the daughters.
I hear all the time of others who,
rest-assured, will never lay a hand
or spit vicious words
onto their kids.
They will never shake their babies,
they are not
I used to make all of these promises.
But one year, a few years ago,
I reached the lowest point I’ve ever
and decided that
this was a life that I could never
allow my child to have,
these are things I could never
watch him or her
go through.
I decided that
it may be better to just
not be a parent at all,
in fear of becoming what
I used to vow I wouldn’t when
I start to see myself
in my child and
not know
what to do.





I think we all feeling his expression to this shit right now. lmao 

I said I feel like him before I even scrolled down to see the rest of the post. We’ve been saying she’s mocking us but so many of you still don’t get it.

shit is clear as day in their face though. I’ll never understand why some choose to be blinded. 

Somebody kick her ass please

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Anonymous asked: You two are not fit for raising a child. I feel bad for your kid.



I mean she may only be 7 months old but so far she hasn’t sent anyone anon hate so I think we’re doing better job than your parents did, just saying.

that was brutal