Keep Your Feet On The Ground

This world can't afford another suicide
So darling spend your affection on me
And I might dry my eyes

When I told my mom that the US should speak on Gaza’s behalf, she said, “For what? It’s not our problem.”

She’s right. It’s not our problem. It’s never our problem. Just like when Hitler nearly wiped out a whole damn race, the United States didn’t even care to blink in their direction. It wasn’t a problem until they attacked our own, but who would dare to attack a nation with one of the biggest military forces? They’d rather pray on the weak.

People keep saying Gaza isn’t our problem as if wasn’t millions of children, men, women, human beings weren’t dying before they got the chance to even wake up. Hell, we might as well hang up Israeli’s flag along with a sign that says I STAND WITH YOU, cause if we’re not helping to make a difference, to save those peoples lives, we’re just as bad as the guy who are killing. I mean, isn’t that why people who willing watched their friend murder go to jail as well? Because it’s wrong?

This world has gotten too comfortable with genocide. That’s why white men think they’re inferior because their people came over and nearly wiped out a whole fucking race as well. You know what they say, if you don’t learn from your past, it’s bound to repeat itself.

We’re trained not to teach children the difference between a gun shot and fireworks so when they hear a life being snatched out of it’s own hand, our mothers say, “Oh, that was just a bunch of reckless teenagers setting off fire works.”

We’re grown too comfortable with covering murder with red carpets or the Top 40 and people wonder why this generation is so big on romanticizing death, as if we were not taught to love it before we could fear it.

WAKE UP CALL ON GAZA’S BEHALF. (via lipstickstainer)